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Pallet Cover

The rFOIL® PaIlet Cover is designed for the protection of pallet size goods.  The Pallet Cover maintains temperature ranges reducing damage caused by temperature fluctuations when loading and unloading trucks.
The rFOIL® PaIlet Cover is used to protect liquids, industrial chemicals, temperature sensitive industrial materials, seafood and meats.

Gusseted Bags

The rFOIL® Gusseted bag is a one-piece liner for a cardboard box. It is ideal for shipping anything from pharmaceuticals to fish. If you are using EPS foam products the rFOIL® Gusseted bag can save you up to 80% on warehouse storage and up to 70% on inbound and outbound freight.     The rFOIL® Gusseted bag is lightweight, durable and quick and easy to set up.

Mailer Pouches and Envelopes

The rFOIL® Mailer Pouches provides a lightweight material for sending out perishable or temperature sensitive items. The rFOIL® Mailer Pouch offers a cushioning lining that helps protect the shipment from possible damage, while providing thermal value to help prevent spoilage of the shipment.


rFOIL® Reflective Insulation rollstock is made out of an optional single layer or double layer of polyethylene bubbles, sandwiched between two highly reflective surfaces. It is specifically designed to control heat gain/loss for insulating all types of temperature sensitive products.  rFOIL® comes in various widths and lengths.