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Mailer pouches and Envelopes




rShield® Foil Bubble Pouches and Mailers are perfect for cold shipping. The lightweight envelopes made of reflective foil bubbles block 97% of all radiant heat. In addition, the foil bubbles provide thermal value while adding extra protection to the cushion the package. This makes it a very ideal alternative for packaging perishable or temperature sensitive items such as medicines, foods or other items. Stop spoilage and damage with rShield® Bubble Pouches and Mailers.

rShield® Foil Bubble Pouch has a 1 1/2″ lip with a pressure sensitive closure and is manufactured from metalized polyester and polyethylene bubble. Click here for the product’s Technical Data Sheet.

Ask about rShield® Designer Series Foil Bubble Pouches & Mailers and your available color options!

Standard Sizes/Dimensions

6″ x 6.5″

8″ x 11.5″

12″ x 17″

15″ x 17″

15″ x 23.5″

18″ x 23.5″

Custom Sizes Are Available

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Mailer pouches and Envelopes

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Mailer pouches and Envelopes