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Introducing TruLoc®, a true child resistant pouch that requires two dissimilar movements to open. TruLoc® is compliant with ASTM D3475 (the equivalent of CFR 1700.20) and is certified by a registered third party laboratory.

TruLoc® is unique, with a patented innovative open/close mechanism. It does not have a cumbersome lock or a marker to indicate where the opening point is, making it difficult for young children to open. TruLoc® is made with a laminated oxygen barrier film.

It is:
– Tamper Proof
– Odor Proof
– UV Proof
– Moisture Proof
– Air-tight
– Food Grade

It is excellent for keeping cannabis buds, pre-rolls and cannabis infused edibles fresh. TruLoc® is perfect for packaging sensitive products or dangerous chemicals.

TruLoc® can be made into different sizes. It can therefore be designed as an exit pouch, a prepackaged inner bag or a retail bag. TruLoc® can also be wicketed for automated packaging machinery.

We carry a variety of stocked sizes but custom sizes are available.